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“The knee bone is connected to the hip bone.” This is one scientific fact that holds golden nuggets of truth, and it applies to the human skeletal alignment. Whenever one joint runs off-balance, a chain of reaction is set off that throws other joints out of line, thereby placing a lot of strain on the spine. Good posture enhances a stable and strong spine. But since a healthy posture begins with the feet and ankles, properly fitted shoes lay the foundation for proper posture and spine alignment.

The feet are the body’s support base, and proper spinal alignment begins with ensuring that you adhere to good shoe sizing and support. Too large shoes are said to alter the shock absorbing qualities of the S-curves in the spine, and have also been linked to a significant increase in ankle pain. On the other hand, shoes that are too small are said to have the potential to cause foot pain, and also have a direct impact on the alignment and development of the toes and feet.

Wearing properly fitted and customized footwear will give you the support specifically designed for your foot structure, produce better alignment of your spine, and help you reduce or completely avoid discomfort and pain in your feet, hips, legs, and back. A properly fitted shoe will also help you eliminate the occurrence of calluses, blisters, and other complications caused by your shoe rubbing against your foot, while also making you feel and look more confident.

As we walk, we are constantly putting our bodies through extremes of unnatural pressure. We overload our joints from the ankles, knees, hips to lower back, and upwards through the spine. If we were to stop for a moment, think about our posture, and check out our spine shape, perhaps we would realize why it’s time for a change. Properly fitted shoes can change the way you use your muscles as well as reduce the shock forces associated with the entire skeletal system, and creates a natural balanced walking posture with exceptional increase in vitality and well-being.

Which shoes should you buy for proper posture and spine alignment?

Fit is paramount. Footwear that fits correctly will give you the best support and stability and will be most effective in protecting the natural alignment of your spine. The shoes you wear ought to be painlessly comfortable. Besides, they should have good arch support, shock absorption, and stability. On the same note, quality counts. Quality shoes incorporate design technology and materials that can endure daily use for longer periods of time.

Lastly, you need to be able to measure your feet to help you get the best fitting footwear. You can do this by using basic tools to measure the length and width of your foot. In addition, an orthotics specialist can use negative molds or mapping software to measure the pressure distribution and, most importantly, arch levels of your stance and walk. They can then recommend proper fitting shoes or custom orthotics to help promote healthy posture, relieve pressure and discomfort, as well as maintain the natural alignment of your spine.

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