Is Gaining Weight Inevitable? Part 1

I went off to my favorite discount clothing and housewares store the other day to buy some glasses for a party.

As I emerged from the escalator, stacks of elaborately-boxed food items, ready for at-home nibbling, surrounded me.

Chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts and coffee beans, and mock chocolate-covered dog biscuits (for the pet on your list) were piled on one table. An entire aisle was filled with bags of high-fat snack foods designed to titillate you as well as clog your arteries.

As I hurried toward the glassware section, I almost felt as if I should wear blinders so my eyes would not stray toward these tempting and all-too-fattening treats.

The next day, as I checked in at my gym, I saw a message written on a large board: “Are you going to gain five pounds?”

Well, yes, I thought, if the gym members, like most everyone else, chew their way through the snacks and food they can get at will. Chocolates, nuts, candies, cheese, sour cream dips, cakes, pizza, and cookies are but a few of the foods set out in bowls, on platters and trays everywhere you go.

There are bad foods at every corner. All you have to do is look for the signs, and they’re there. You can eat just about anything you want, when it comes to fast food and you’re going to gain weight.

Nevertheless, you can successful generate a five-pound or MORE weight gain (at least) pretty easily, and perhaps even more, especially when calories from alcohol are involved.

This is not cause for alarm if gaining five pounds puts the eater slightly over his or her perfect weight. But alas, for most of us gaining five pounds, like an unanticipated credit card charge, simply makes the problem even more difficult to solve.

Learn the program, follow the program, and you’ll lose weight. Cheat and it’ll slow down your results. We’ve had too many people on this program and it works. All you have to do is focus on what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, and this program will work for you.

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