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  • Is Gaining Weight Inevitable?

    Okay let’s get going. I talked about gaining five pounds in the last article, so let’s get back on track here and tell you the INS and OUTS of losing weight.

    You might be thinking, “If I can’t lose weight during the summer, I am in bad shape literally all fall and winter,”.

    You might be saying, “My weight starts to creep up by October, probably because I work , and too little light makes me too tired to exercise. So by December, I am already 15 pounds heavier than I should be. I dread the holidays because I always gain even more weight. As a result, my back and knees feel the effects all winter.”

    The solution to preventing or minimizing weight gain isn’t all that difficult if you follow the program. It simply takes focus, i.e., focus on what you have just eaten, what you are chewing on now and planning to eat in the next few minutes. Follow the program I’ve outlined for you and you’re home free. It works.

    And the best way to do this is to talk to yourself (silently, of course… if you have to.).

    “Do I really need to eat this third handful of salty cashew nuts? The dip is good, but must I put so much on the potato chip that it starts to break? Maybe I should stop eating and start drinking more water.

    These are just little tips. If you’re following the program you know that you shouldn’t be eating cookies and dip. I covered that in an email, so you’ll want to review that if you forgot.

    Here’s something else to think about. You might say, “Can I put anymore food from the buffet on my plate? It looks pretty loaded. I guess I don’t have to eat it all. How many appetizers have I eaten so far? Was it three or four? More? Better make it no more. Is this my second drink?”You might even say, “I should get diet soda instead. I really want Aunt Jessie’s coconut cake but I feel stuffed. If she lets me take a piece home, I can save it for when I am really hungry.”

    Like I said, doing any of this is like putting charges on your credit card; you can decide that you are able to “afford” the calories, or you can choose to stop eating because you have already consumed more than your limit. But don’t fool yourself. If you decide not to notice how much or what you are eating and drinking, your scale will show you.

    Do you know those advertisements for furniture that promise “no interest or payment required for 18 months”? Eventually, of course, you have to pay. Eventually, you will have to “pay” for your overeating as well. Weight gain does not have to be inevitable if you follow the program. You’re going to love the results just by following this program.