Secret Habits of Permanently Thin People

13. At lunch, pick a pita Use one mini whole-wheat pita instead of the usual two slices of white or refined wheat bread for your sandwich . What you really want to do is cut out all flour. I love bread myself, but if you really want to see changes, cut out the flour. It’s bad and it helps keep the weight ON.

14. Get face time We use e-mail so much we’ve forgotten what our co-workers look like. Pick a colleague or two who sits farthest from you and deliver 10 of those daily messages in person. And go out of your way: Hit a bathroom or a copier on another floor — and take the stairs, of course. When you take the extra steps you’re burning more calories, and that’s what it’s all about. Walk more, do more, and gain less. Don’t make it hard, and again, drink lots of pH water.

15. Firm as you file Pause from your papers with a few wall push-ups. This is really easy to do and you’ll find out it does work your muscles. Place your hands wide at shoulder height against the wall. Any wall. Take a couple of steps back so your body is at a slight angle and your weight is on your toes, and do three sets of 10 push-ups. When you do this it will strengthens your chest and triceps mucsles. It’s going to make you feel stronger, have more energy and help build a few muscles, which means you’re going to lose weight.

16. An apple (or more) a day They’re packed with fiber and water, so your stomach will want less. Plus, studies out of Washington State and Brazil have shown that people who eat at least three apples or pears a day— lose weight. Try two small apples or some pears. When you eat fiber you’re not only going to lose weight, you’re going to firm up and be healthier. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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