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Do you provide a complimentary consultation if I have questions about your services?

Yes. Our initial consultation to determine if you can be helped will not cost you anything. Just your time.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to see a chiropractor?

No. We welcome all people to book a consultation to see if we can help them get well and stay well.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in private practice serving the Calgary community for over 33 years.

What kind of testing will you do on my first visit?

We perform a comprehensive evaluation including: full health history, surface EMG scans, thermography scans, dual inclinometry, neurological tests, orthopedic tests, postural evaluation, and in necessary, digital x-rays. Our examination process is designed to fully identify where you are and how we can help you become your best self.

Do you provide a formal health report after my assessment is complete?

Yes. You will receive a full report of findings and a plan to address how we can help you improve your health and well being. We welcome you to bring along a key family member/spouse/partner into this reporting session so they are informed. Our patients who get a key contact involved often have better outcomes in care. If you have questions, email Dr. Jack.

Do you have patient references?

Yes. Over the 28 years, we have had many success stories on a variety of conditions. Please check out our Testimonials Section to learn what our patient have to say about our care.

How long does a typical visit take?

On your first visit, we ask that you put aside 1-1.5 hours depending on the extent of your needs. After that our regular visits take only 5-10 minutes of your valuable time.

Does Chiropractic hurt?

Most of our patients do not experience any pain or discomfort. If you have specific questions about your own care, please contact Dr. Jack and he would be happy to share how easy and simple chiropractic care can be for maximizing your wellness.

Will chiropractors work with my team of health care providers?

Yes. We are open to working with any other health care providers you may be seeing to ensure you get the best health care possible.

How can chiropractic improve my/my families’ lifestyle?

At Northside Wellness Centre, we believe health is about 5 key pillars: Eating Well, Thinking Well, Moving Well(mobility and exercise), Getting Quality Rest, and most importantly a Healthy Nervous System. As the nervous system controls all function, healing, and regeneration in your body, it is essential for you and your family to use your body’s natural potential to live well and stay well. It is physically and physiologicaly impossible to be healthy without a healthy nervous system. For more information, watch out video or audio recording for more in depth learning.

My injury was not caused by a traumatic event. How could this happen with no warning sign?

Your nervous system physically and psychologically changes in order to adapt to stress. It’s called neuroplasticity. Every stress you have had, whether physical, chemical, or emotional lays a foundation for future health problems. All stress is cumulative. Eventually, something minor that you do can trigger a health crisis. Kind of like the straw that breaks the camels back. That’s what makes seeking preventative care so valuable for you and your family.

Do I need x-rays and how do you use them in my care?

After examination, if necessary, x-rays may be ordered. These are used to assess structural changes, and damage to your spine (which can cause damage to your nervous system). X-rays are also used to chart your structural improvements and progress as your posture and health gets better. We review your x-rays when we share your comprehensive report of findings so you understand your state of health and how you can be in control of your health going forward.

If I am injured on the job, is my care covered through WCB?

Yes. We are a preferred WCB health care provider.

How does my car insurance cover chiropractic care?

If you are in an accident depending on the severity of your injury, your car insurance may pay for either 22 treatments or up to $750.00 worth of care.

What conditions do Chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors can help with a myriad of different health disorders. However, one thing to remember is that we do not treat disease. Chiropractors seek to get to the underlying causes of the disease by removing nerve interferences so the body can heal itself. Remember the nervous system controls all function, and all healing. It is impossible for your body to heal without a healthy functioning nervous system. Some conditions we have helped people with include: back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches, sinus headaches, dizziness, vertigo, Meniere’s disease, visual disturbances, TMJ, Bell’s Palsy, shoulder, arm and hand pain, numbness or tingling, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fatigue, insomnia, upper and middle back pain, low back pain, sciatica, leg, calf and foot pain, fibromyalgia, acid reflex, achalasia, PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, knee pain, ankle pain, and many other conditions. To ask about your condition send Dr Jack an e-mail.

Do I need to wait until I am in pain to see a chiropractor?

No. Pain is a warning signal in your body that something is wrong. By the time you experience pain, the problem can be very progressed. When it comes to health and wellness it’s far better to be proactive than reactive. You don’t wait for the motor to stop to change the oil, do you?

Is Chiropractic research based?

Absolutely. There is more scientific research now than ever before on the effectiveness and validity of chiropractic care. A great research resource to check out is A link is available in our links page. On the home page of the site to the left is a section called research. Check it out and have fun!

Do you have a way to measure if chiropractic is effective?

Yes. The tests we use are nerve scans (SEMG/thermography) and dual inclinometry, pulse oximetry, neurological tests, and x-rays. We use modern tools to not only provide scans but show you accurate data of your personal state of health. We can compare before and after data to measure progress so you know you are on track to get well.

Do you have a family rate if I decide I want care for my whole family?

Yes. Our practice serves the whole family and as such we provide discounts to ensure value on many levels of our care.

Do you treat patients suffering from chronic health conditions?

Yes. In fact many people arrive with conditions that are chronic. Science has shown that 80% of the population have at least one chronic disease and are not aware of it yet because they have no pain. As stressors on our bodies are cumulative it is not wonder we discover chronic health concerns as life goes on.

I am being treated for multiple health conditions. Can I still access the care of a chiropractor?

Yes. In order for the treatments you are already accessing to help you the most, you need to have a healthy functioning nervous system. When your nervous system is working properly you will not only heal faster but your other treatments will be more effective. Please check out our testimonials page to learn about our patient stories related to chiropractic and chronic illness.

Do you provide educational workshops for business/industrial work sites?

Yes. We will come to your worksite ( large and small companies) to educate employees and management on the effects of stress, it’s impact on your nervous system, and your overall health and well being. We acknowledge that stress can influence illness and impacts productivity, work environment, and business returns. We teach people to understand stress (physical, emotional, and chemical) and give you the tools and strategies that are essential for stress management. Our #1 goal is to create health and well being at home and in the workplace.

If I have specific questions about my care, whom should I contact?

Dr Jack would be happy to answer questions you may have so you can life well for life.

Dr. Jack Kucheran
Northside Wellness Centre
(403) 291-0603.

You can also use our contact Dr. Kucheran here via email.

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  • Customized Treatment Plans
  • Free Evaluations On Select Services
  • Neurological Focus On Pain Management
  • Natural, Whole Body Approach To Wellness