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Life Style Assessment

We incorporate the most up-to-date technologies in order to assess the health of your nervous system and spine and their impact on your health and well being. We perform a complete physical examination and neurological exam to fully assess the effect of physical, chemical, and emotional stress and its impact on your nervous system. We use the following tests:

SEMG – surface electromyography. SEMG is a device we use in our office to assess the function of your motor nerves which control your muscles.

Thermogaphy – is a device we use to assess the function of your autonomic nerves. Your autonomic nerves control blood vessels, glands and organs. With this technology we are able to assess for imbalanced autonomic nerve dysfunction (dysautonomia) long before it leads to chronic disease.

A wireless Dual Inclinometer is the most accurate tool available and is used to assess spinal ranges of motion providing important biomechanical information about your spine.

Neurologial tests are utilized to assess integrity of neurological pathways to determine how well your body is communicating with your brain and subsequent brain function.

Orthopedic tests are used to assess for mechanical joint problems and peripheral nerve problems.

Postural assessment is used to determine structural problems and proprioceptive nerve involvement.

Digital x-rays are used for assessing the structural integrity of the spine, posture, and any spinal degenerative problems that can lead to further nerve damage.

Pulse Oximeter is used in conjunction with chest expansion to assess the impact of posture and stress on your nervous system. There is a clinical relationship between posture and oxygen saturation levels. There is strong epidemiological evidence that reduced lung function and elevated pulse rates are associated with a 2-3 fold increase in coronary arteriosclerosis and heart disease, as well as certain disease states such as pulmonary disease, liver disease, thyroid problems, diabetes and epilepsy.

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