Candida overgrowth can be a significant barrier to you losing weight, and any weight loss for that matter. You may not know this but Candida is a naturally occurring yeast in the intestinal tract, and is vital for healthy digestion.

However, when Candida overgrowth occurs, (and 80% of Americans have this problem) it can create problems, both with digestive function (gas, bloating etc) and more systemically with fatigue, headaches, brain fog and so on.

In looking at the association between Candida and weight gain, the first thing you as a consumer need to examine is the fuel source for yeast (and subsequently Candida). Yeast feeds off of good old sugar – that is its preferred fuel source. Subsequently an individual with a “hefty” yeast overgrowth is going to crave sugars and carbs, as that is what the yeast is craving.

Part of the dilemma is that the sugar/carb phenomenon is a catch-22. Here’s what I mean by that. Yeast feeds off of the sugar you eat, so a diet high in sugars and carbs will perpetuate Candida overgrowth; and yet Candida overgrowth will set you up for more cravings for more sugars and carbs. This is one reason you might have a hard time breaking this cycle.

Furthermore, yeast will crave not only sugar, but more yeast . What is alcohol? Sugar and yeast. What is wine? Same thing. Plus a bunch of “empty” calories. I know many individuals who crave wine or beer – not because they have a drinking problem – but because they have a yeast overgrowth and they’re predisposed to that because of Candida. High yeast foods can be a trigger also – things like vinegars, mushrooms, and breads to name a few.

Anti-fungal treatment can often help curb cravings for sugars, carbs and alcohol, and these are three things that will be very helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

Also, treating yeast overgrowth with something called Ultra Cleanse can help reduce intestinal bloating – which makes one more feel more rotund, even if it’s NOT true body fat. Addressing yeast overgrowth will also boost your energy levels which in turn makes exercise a more viable and appealing proposition.

Candida overgrowth also compromises proper absorption of nutrients. It is associated with “leaky gut”, which means the gap between the intestinal cells widens . This then leads to nutrients not being well absorbed, as well as larger-than-normal food molecules escaping into the blood stream triggering immune reactions and inflammation. You may be taking vitamins and minerals, but if you have Candida, they aren’t being absorbed properly.

Addressing Candida overgrowth can be done through your diet, although even the most rigid anti-Candida diets are rarely enough to eradicate the problem. That’s why seven or more rounds of Ultra Cleanse can help you eliminate this overgrowth of Candida from your system.

The balanced option is dietary modifications, coupled with Ultra Cleanse. Many people find that once yeast overgrowth is addressed, their cravings for sugars and carbs are reduced and then they find out that their weight loss is much easier. You can get your supply at this office today. It’s not found on Amazon, or any place on the internet. Get it here today.

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