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Acupuncture Services in Calgary

Acupuncture is by no means a new practice in and of itself, but electrolaser acupuncture in Calgary is a new method utilizing an ancient principle of treating various ailments. Rather than the use of needles, it incorporates laser beams at a low setting to be used at the same acupuncture points where needles would have been used. As we now have extensive understanding of China’s traditional medicine, we have come to understand the effectiveness of acupuncture and the functionality of the body’s meridian points. Dating back to approximately 1600 B.C., which was the time of the Shang Dynasty, the modern use of this alternative medicine is largely credited to Mao Zedong who was China’s first communist leader.

Principles of Acupuncture

Centering on the concepts of qi or chi, which is the life force that circulates throughout the body and is a major part of Chinese philosophy, acupuncture is believed to regulate that flow. When there is disruption to the flow of chi, disease emerges in the body. This seems completely antithetical of the functionality and philosophy behind Western medicine, which relies almost entirely on empirical evidence, however some have noted that the body’s meridians resemble the layout of the central nervous system enough that there is enough substance behind this ancient Eastern practice to have given it a place within the West’s methodology.

What Can Acupuncture Help?

All the major body systems can benefit from the use of acupuncture such as circulatory, endocrine, the immune system, and as previously mentioned, the nervous system. People see acupuncturists for an ever-widening array of ailments such as physical pain, emotional distress, addiction, insomnia; the list goes on. It is said to promote blood flow, reduce stress, relax the body, and calm the mind. It has been suggested that it can prompt the body to release oxytocin, which is what governs the parasympathetic nervous system. It is implied that keeping this system functioning properly minimizes the likelihood of agitating or causing autoimmune diseases such as lupus, diabetes, and certain bowel disorders. Clearly this is an extremely valuable part of what acupuncture has to offer.

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