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Laser Therapy Treatment for Pain in Calgary

Providing Relief For Your Knee, Shoulder, Foot, & Hip Pain

If you’ve been living with pain, whether it’s chronic or acute, it can be a hindrance to daily life, especially if the pain is excruciating. It can be enough to cause disruptions in your life, even causing you to miss work or quit it completely. You may have tried various options to try and relieve the pain, such as yoga, physical therapy, or light exercise. If none of these seemed to have any effect, consider laser therapy treatment for pain. Laser therapy treatment in Calgary for back pain and knee pain has proven to be effective in improving quality of life.

If you have rheumatic conditions that are causing you discomfort or you have knee osteoarthritis (KOA), then you need to schedule an appointment with Northside Wellness Centre immediately. Our staff of highly skilled professionals provides a variety of laser therapy treatments, including: hip and shoulder laser therapy, and laser therapy for knee pain that can provide immediate relief for your worst symptoms. If you want to avoid medications and want a non-invasive way to provide relief for your pain, laser therapy treatment may be a good option for you. Our experienced doctor will let you know if you are a good candidate or not for laser therapy for pain.

Our laser therapy treatments are ideal for providing:

  • Increased joint mobility
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Increased vascular and nerve activity
  • Accelerated cell reproduction and growth
  • Improved tissue regeneration of cartilage tissue

Laser Therapy Treatment for Pain In Calgary, AB

About Laser Therapy Treatment

Unfortunately, total pain relief cannot be achieved through just one session of laser therapy treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition and on your initial pain levels, you may need up to 30-40 sessions, in order to reap the full benefits that the therapy offers. An examination with our doctor will give you a rough idea of how many sessions you will need in total. Laser therapy for pain is a great alternative to taking addictive painkillers, which are not a long-term solution for your pain. Laser therapy treatment is completely non-invasive and not painful to undergo. Laser therapy for pain can also be combined with other types of pain relief therapies or treatments, such as physical therapy or mild exercises. This means that you do not have to give up any of your other treatments if you feel like you’re making progress with them.

Laser Knee Therapy Treatment

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There are a plethora of benefits to our laser treatment options and we would be happy to discuss your specific medical condition with you. For over 34 years, we have provided excellent medical care and service to our patients and we look forward to working alongside you in your time of need. You’ve lived with your pain for long enough — you deserve an effective solution without popping more pills. For more information regarding our laser therapy treatment for pain, please contact our office by calling (403) 291-0603.

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